32 Strange but Legal Ways to Make Money in California

You rock Nick, I really love what you`re doing here, giving people so many ways of living from the internet, it`s totally princess man, please keep up the good work. You have two options when wearing Instacart green: just make the purchase as a shopper in store and have someone else delivered. Or do the shopping and delivery as a full-service buyer. As a full-service buyer, you are an independent contractor who needs to have access to a car. You choose your own times and will shop and deliver orders. Instacart doesn`t publish salary levels, but Indeed.com says personal shoppers earn around $17 an hour. What types of work? Data entry. Social media management. Formatting. Treatment.

Online search. Email management. Graphic design. Travel booking. The list is endless! My own virtual assistant, Jess, makes my life easier by allowing me to focus on what I do best. Virtual assistants can earn between $15 and $35 per hour. My boyfriend Rob Stephenson is “the pinball machine of the flea market” and makes a living by finding strange objects to resell. He told me how he found a prosthetic leg for $40 and turned around and sold it the next day for $1000 on eBay. It has never been easier to earn extra money in your own time and on your own terms. However, making money with YouTube is not “getting rich fast”, it takes time and practice. I have my own YouTube channel about adventure travel.

If you are passionate about a particular topic (video games, travel, cooking, science, parenting, sports, etc.) and you can make creative videos, you may have the opportunity to earn money on YouTube. Do you have a passion for photography? Why not try making a living by photographing portraits, weddings or stock photos for money on the site? You need to build your portfolio first, but once you have a solid one, you can apply to freelance photo sites to sell your work. If you`re not comfortable putting that expensive ride into craigslist`s hands, you can entrust the task of renting your rolling home to professionals. One website is RVezy, which is called “the Airbnb for RVs,” which means it rents your RVs to people like you across the country. It has tow trucks, RVs, pet-friendly RVs, deliverable RVs, and stationary RVs. RVesy claims that RV owners can earn an average of $1,400 per week by renting their RV. RVezy covers insurance and roadside assistance for the renter who has his platform. Like Airbnb, you`ll receive booking requests and planned itineraries from your potential tenants. You have the option to reject. And you will show the renter how your motorhome works. They set the price of the night; RVezy takes 20%.

Companies like Wrapify are always looking for drivers to pack their cars at specific locations for brand campaigns. According to Carvertise, you could earn between $300 and $1200 per campaign by simply doing what you already do every day. Drive! The number of gift cards sold but not redeemed — or “closed loop,” to use retail language — in the U.S. stands at $1 billion each year, according to CEB Global. So take the junk cards you have in your home, open the loop and turn them into cash by selling them online on sites like Gift Card Granny. You will not receive the full value of your card (up to 92% at best). But if you don`t intend to use the card, or if you`ve forgotten about it, it`s like getting free money. As with all gaming apps, my recommendation is to practice for free first.

So never risk more money than you can afford to lose. If you have a camera and something unique to share, you can make money on YouTube. A reasonable goal for amateur filmmakers is to gain viral fame with a YouTube channel. This means creating a series of videos, each of which can be just over three minutes long. Highlight a specific skill or theme – for example, cooking, stand-up comedy, plumbing repair, or repairing older cars. Your videos will drive traffic to each other while honing your skills and gaining “followers.” To generate views, contact media and bloggers with a link to your videos. Apps like Poshmark can help you empty your wardrobe or make money from your latest second-hand store discoveries. Competent accountants can deal with multiple clients and earn a good secondary income for themselves while working from home, as almost all financial information can be tracked online these days. With only 3 to 4 clients, a part-time accountant (10 hours per week) can earn an additional $10,000 per year. Managing the numbers well helps! In a world where income from our traditional jobs doesn`t keep up with inflation and the cost of living, everyone is looking for ways to make extra money at home or online. Fox Lair, as it`s called, offers underfloor heating, a small seating area with guitars and bongos, and lots of eclectic artwork. Everett estimated that in 2015, they earned about $9,000 with a steady stream of visitors, money used to pay her for publishing and design coverage of her self-published books, the Lee Harding mystery series.

“It was the easiest money I`ve ever made,” she says. “And it was fun.” More readers lead to more money. So there are companies that organize these tests for website owners by hiring ordinary people to visit the sites and report on their experiences. You can earn about $8 to $10 for 15 minutes of your time. Some websites require a webcam and microphone. Excellent article, here is another way to earn money in your free time, it is a sports official. I have a full-time job and my sports department starts after 5pm during the season. An example of a football referee earns about $55.00 per game, usually there are 2 games per night, on weekends a person can work 4 games, 1 hour each and $200.00 taso.org.

Thank you, I just wanted to share this you are good enough to blog from Anil. Blogging has become a fantastic career option and many choose to earn passive income so they can enjoy their lives. Now I know what you`re thinking. But it`s a perfectly legitimate way to work from home! Sure, it`s a little weird, but that`s what makes it great. People will pay you to do the weirdest things on Fiverr`s website. This probably isn`t the way to go if you need to make extra money quickly, but it can become a full-time source of income over time. If you buy in this rideshare to make money while your car is idle, Getaround says car owners can earn up to $1,000 a month by renting their mostly unused vehicle. Keep up the good work! Always looking for posts like this! 😀 Let`s say you`re a great baker (according to all your friends). You can find customers for your baked goods by volunteering to provide treats for your children`s school events or for church or other religious gatherings, or by selling them at a farmer`s market, flea market, or local festivals. A brand, logo, and stickers are probably the first investment you want to make based on the ingredients.

How much money can you earn? It depends on the car, where it is and how much you want to charge. It`s easy to see that you could make some lettuce, as the pandemic has seen a huge upward trend in business for pool companies that couldn`t keep up, with supply chain issues sometimes tracing pool facilities for years. “Our tour guides earn an average of about $20 to $40 per tour, as well as incentives based on seniority, tour type, distance, number of participants, referrals, and positive reviews,” says Michael Gazaleh, president and CEO of City Running Tours.