Ryerson University Legal Innovation Zone

LIZ offers various initiatives and programs throughout the year to help our thriving legal technology community. This fall, Ryerson University`s legal technology startup incubator, the Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ), Sprint Studio, is launching a new free virtual program for tech entrepreneurs around the world. LIZ, which opened in May 2015, describes itself as “the world`s first legal technology incubator.” It focuses on promoting legal solutions for consumers and businesses by supporting innovative approaches to improve legal services and the justice system. RELATED: Blue J Legal Raises $2 Million for Legal Technology Platform Osler is very proud to renew its partnership with Ryerson University`s Legal Innovation Zone (LIZ) in Toronto and to continue an ongoing relationship that broke new ground in Canada when it began in 2016. Osler`s sponsorship recognizes the company as a founding partner of LIZ, Canada`s first legal technology incubator, and will support LIZ`s innovative start-ups and the cutting-edge solutions LIZ companies develop. LIZ is an internationally renowned centre where entrepreneurs, lawyers, students, technology experts, government officials and industry leaders come together to drive innovation focused on improving the delivery of legal services. Meet some of our partners who are helping to shape the legal future as we know it. As part of this sponsorship, Osler and LIZ will continue to collaborate on a number of unique initiatives, including design thinking workshops (some of which are focused on Osler`s clients), innovation challenges and more. These initiatives have resulted in the development of actionable products and solutions that optimize our customer service. Osler lawyers have also facilitated workshops on a variety of legal topics to support ISB start-ups, ranging from intellectual property to other areas of legal expertise. Josh Scott is a BetaKit reporter focused on telling and defeating Canadian stories of technology and innovation.

His report is more complete than his mustache. Meet some of the incredible legal technology companies currently operating in our field that are changing the way legal services are delivered today and in the future. “After the successful launch and hosting of two cohorts of the Concept Framework program with participants from more than 10 countries, LIZ is now helping legal technology entrepreneurs take the next step,” said Chris Bentley, co-founder and CEO of LIZ. “Developing a successful product with an international reach requires constant iteration, mentorship and engagement with potential customers. That is the kind of support we want to provide. The new program was originally scheduled to begin this summer, but in order to accommodate speakers and “pay attention to those enjoying their summer vacation,” LIZ decided to postpone the opening until the fall. Sprint Studio is one of four programs Ryerson University`s incubator announced last December to help entrepreneurs create innovative legal businesses. Other programs include Innovator`s Canvas, Concept Framework and Incubate.

“As the legal industry navigates the challenges and opportunities of remote work, legal technology entrepreneurs have the opportunity to develop and deliver solutions that address those challenges and improve the current state of legal services,” said Hersh Perlis, co-founder and director of LIZ. “Sprint Studio will help bring more legal technology solutions to the global legal market.” Since 2015, we have been working with exceptional partners who share the vision of a better solution for legal consumers. Through these partnerships, we have positioned LIZ as a global center for innovation in the legal industry and strengthened our mandate to develop better legal solutions. Startups are at the heart of the Legal Innovation Zone. Since 2015, we have been supporting and advising legal technology startups in the growth of their business. We work with companies at all stages of development that have a legal system or technology-based ideas. This partnership also reflects a broader and shared commitment to legal innovation. At Osler, innovation is about you and your business, and by rethinking and rebuilding the way we practice law, we deliver more value. We are committed to developing innovative products and tools that help you overcome the challenges your business faces – and this partnership is an extension of that commitment.

Program participants will engage with online content developed by legal, business and technology experts under the guidance of LIB mentors. Sprint Studio is part of the incubator`s broader four-part approach to providing services to legal technology entrepreneurs around the world. It starts first with Innovator`s Canvas, an idea feedback module, and then with Concept Framework, a six-week online program that helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into proof of concept. The third step is Sprint Studio and the fourth stage is Incubate, an incubation program for legal tech startups ready to be commercialized with innovative products and disruptive business models. The 12-week online program, which begins this fall, is designed to help entrepreneurs “turn their proof of concept into a market-ready product.” It aims to help early-stage start-ups develop innovative legal technology products and validate their business models.