What Is the Definition for Attract

As we approach, the rumble of the guns becomes louder and alternates with the roar of cannonballs that catch his attention. Personally, the English neither attract nor shine; But together, they form one race to shape the destiny of humanity. He was completely neglected, and his odes, which possessed great merits, attracted no attention during his lifetime. A young woman who was so fascinating in mind and the person couldn`t help but attract a lot of attention. The show attracts viewers from all walks of life. Who helps build convention centers and adjacent hotels so cities can attract convention guests? Fenty Beauty, their cosmetics brand, has attracted customers by offering a wide range of skin tones. Not all Israeli gay propaganda is pinkwashing — much of it is good old-fashioned PR to attract dollars from gay tourists to Tel Aviv. They dye their hair and change their clothes, but not enough to attract the attention of the authorities. A Cremona violin is a charging stone for a wealthy amateur, attracting shiny metal from the depths of his wallet.

With attraction comes the feeling that the attraction you feel for someone or something is not entirely voluntary. It`s entirely possible to say you`re attracted to someone but you don`t really like them. Low prices can lure shoppers to a store they wouldn`t normally go to, and standing on a street corner and shouting loudly will likely attract a lot of attention, but not the right kind. Levitt has previously indicated that the new registration deadline is a “very partial step” and predicted that it may not attract many customers because health plans are not affordable for everyone who qualifies. We all want to stay up to date as it will attract more customers. Middle English, from Latin attractus, past participle of attrahere, from ad- + trahere to draw, drawing The site launched Saturday with an initial goal of $45,000 and attracted nearly 10,000 donors in just a few days. But the temporary car bill, as it was called, mysteriously began to attract unprecedented attention. Cold War fears could be manipulated by deceptive art to alert readers to discouraging material. Squeezing means exerting a force that attracts something, like a magnet attracts a paper clip. You may be familiar with the phrase “opposites attract.” This means that you might be attracted to a completely different personality type than your own. If you don`t optimize your business for local search, you`re attracting generic leads who can`t complete a deal due to geo-restrictions.